New Arcana Offical Vent Thread - Viewer Discretion is Advised-

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New Arcana Offical Vent Thread - Viewer Discretion is Advised-

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:26 pm

Look, sometimes people need to let off some steam. Online related, and offline related. So here is a now judgment zone...Rated needed be..of people to just talk about their feelings..because frankly..nobody in that chatbox gives a fuck about ur feelings mate.. ur better off crying to term.....not happening...

So here is a bid to staff and whoever else who matters...keep this here.. because..sometimes life is shit..soemtimes our hard work turns out to be are naturally sad about that rights? We cant do it here.. fuck skype..nobody is paid on the hour to be our personal fucking psychiatrist... and fuck pm's why argue about some shit that will never solve itself...

So here i am..gonna say my piece..and move the fuck on with my life...follow suit.. feel better.. dont target or attack each other blantly from on site... and live ur fucking lives...

well then...for starters...viewer discretion is advised and spoiler everything, alright?

fuck target! Why in gods green earth.... am i making 9dollars an hour..wasting away at a fucking retail store. They dont even have enough cashiers man.. its like the 1 job i was hired for..i hardly fucking do because im cross trained so much to do everyone elses fucking job. And why? Why not just hire more cashiers and backroom stock people? Come to work then? the check is low as it is god dammit.

2, bernie sanders is calling it quits, hes not winning....face it... im stuck as an American to either vote for Hillary who think black people are alpha predators or whatever the fuck she said all those years ago.. and trump... which is so self explanatory..the dictionary needs a fucking page just dedicated to that wanker.

3. Im the most miserable fucking model u met man... i swear to god u all must live some fucking happy lives.. u know what my diet is..sometimes i have to fucking starve myself... i kid u not..i utilize fucking seltzer water to fight off the hunger. Ontop of working out. Its a self-induced eating disorder..i remember a woman at my African studies..who i hardly knew.. begged me to eat something.. and i felt embarrassed even taking something she got for herself.. and shes a vegan.. so it was all pasta and other carbs anyway. not like a meatless diet did fuck all for me.. appreciate her though..but comeon..

4. Im not saying im an alocholic.... but.. i was drunk before work..drunk at work..and now im drunk having a hard fucking day mate. And yet im so functioning and good at my job..which anyone can do imo..nobody notices.. wtf happened to my it job..i was fucking IT for christ sake! even if it was work study, it was two years of my life! Have i learned nothing mate? i was reduced to a fucking expendable sales associate? is that what i have to look forward to with a bachelors?

5. Ahh.. and here it is..relationships.. nuff said... why fall in love if the shit is gonna end anyway. Just keep some sort automatic expectation of failure and u wont get hurt. Keep ur hopes up.. u eat shit. And thats get into it but as long as it love life is a whole nother ball game id rather not get into..

Whats this all gotta do with venting.. its the point of venting.. yes..a not a robot..and has fucking feelings.. things upset us..things break us.. things might even stop us from rpings.. but if u are giving us a window to just shout to the world as to how much shit sucks.. then thats quite liberal of you. Like the purge.. although..people die in that film and the only thing you die from is an aneurysm of my bitching. But i spoilered it.. so tough shit if you read this far.

Ahem.. i feel a little better now. But i doubt this will still exist because new arcana is too PC to even have a Vent thread for their own players.. like what.. 3 years of playing in this fucking place isnt enough to ask for a small room to shout in. You dont have to make drama here.. be as indirect a possible.. if it involves people..and fucking leave. Its the simplest mechanic since the rand , but it doesnt fuck people over with their crit chances. but thats not even the point.


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Re: New Arcana Offical Vent Thread - Viewer Discretion is Advised-

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:39 pm

Chat Logs:

[23:23:35 26/06/2016] Gabe : i vented in public

[23:23:35 26/06/2016] Telos : Because I will be somebody. One of these days,,,

[23:23:39 26/06/2016] Gabe : an its there

[23:23:44 26/06/2016] Gabe : and if anyone wants to vent

[23:23:45 26/06/2016] Gabe : its there

[23:23:49 26/06/2016] Gabe : and it needs to be there

[23:23:52 26/06/2016] Gabe : becuse fuck karma

[23:23:54 26/06/2016] Gabe : it never works

[23:24:02 26/06/2016] * Jerry pats Gabe

[23:24:04 26/06/2016] Gabe : there is no karma.. i swear u can do like 10 nice things

[23:24:08 26/06/2016] Gabe : and fuck all happens

[23:24:14 26/06/2016] Telos : Same.

[23:24:18 26/06/2016] @ Maria : I can actually sympathize with that.

[23:24:27 26/06/2016] Telos : I know how that feels.

[23:24:40 26/06/2016] @ Maria : But Gabe. As staff, I'm obliged to take it down. Sorry in advance.

[23:24:40 26/06/2016] Telos : You do all the good in the world... and yet...

[23:24:53 26/06/2016] Telos : Well... shit happens.

[23:25:06 26/06/2016] @ Maria : And like I said, if you need someone to talk to, send me a PM.

[23:25:14 26/06/2016] Telos : ....

[23:26:05 26/06/2016] @ Jerry : Or anyone you feel comfortable speaking to

[23:26:12 26/06/2016] @ Maria : What Jerry said.

[23:26:20 26/06/2016] @ Maria : You can't keep it bottled up. I know that.

[23:26:20 26/06/2016] Telos : Death is what makes life beautiful. True beauty is something being born... and seeing something die after a life well fulfilled.

[23:26:27 26/06/2016] @ Maria : Telos, now's not the time.

[23:26:39 26/06/2016] Telos : Yeah... realized that.

[23:26:48 26/06/2016] * Telos turns into a cat for Gabe to hug.

[23:27:09 26/06/2016] Telos : It's okay, Gabe. Life is like that, you know?

[23:27:20 26/06/2016] Gabe : look i know ur gonna get rid of the vent thread because u think that .. keeping the drama out of the chatbox and taking about ur feelings in an uncensord way is pretty fucking unethica

[23:27:22 26/06/2016] Telos : All we can do... is live. And who knows? Maybe one day....

[23:27:27 26/06/2016] Gabe : but good example of me being a mod

[23:27:31 26/06/2016] Gabe : because i am on another side

[23:27:32 26/06/2016] Telos : it'll all be worth it.

[23:27:38 26/06/2016] Gabe : yes i would be ok with this thread

[23:27:46 26/06/2016] Gabe : because it s there to use when im simply tired of the bullshit

[23:27:46 26/06/2016] @ Maria : I understand where you're coming from.

[23:27:48 26/06/2016] Telos : ...

[23:27:56 26/06/2016] Telos : So do I.

[23:28:03 26/06/2016] Gabe : site*

[23:28:26 26/06/2016] @ Maria : But this site is a place to enjoy ourselves without having to worry about the Real World.

[23:28:42 26/06/2016] @ Maria : Like I said, I'm willing to skype PMs you to talk about it.

[23:28:50 26/06/2016] Telos : ... yeah...

[23:29:04 26/06/2016] Telos : (feel free to PM me)

[23:29:05 26/06/2016] Gabe : and now we dont have a vent thread

[23:29:12 26/06/2016] @ Maria : I'm sorry about that.

[23:29:21 26/06/2016] Telos : Well...there;s always the shitpost...

[23:29:25 26/06/2016] Gabe : bleach gotei has a vent thread.. they are the top bleach site.. why the fuck can they have nice things?

[23:29:26 26/06/2016] Telos : I think...?

[23:29:42 26/06/2016] @ Maria : Because we don't work like they do.

[23:29:46 26/06/2016] Telos : Because it's bleach. And we're not bleach. we're persona/

[23:29:57 26/06/2016] Telos : WE're different that way..

[23:29:59 26/06/2016] Gabe : i swear there is shit on this site we dont have and sometimes i think its peace of a persona vendetta or we dont deserve it

[23:30:00 26/06/2016] @ Maria : If you want to vent there, I'm not stopping you. And Telos, stop. Stay quiet.

[23:30:03 26/06/2016] Gabe : its questionable mate

[23:30:27 26/06/2016] Telos : ..fine. I know when i'm not to speak.

[23:30:28 26/06/2016] @ Maria : None of us have personal vendettas on you, Gabe. At least I don't.

[23:30:30 26/06/2016] Gabe : why cant we have a vent thread godai.. u honestly think itll cause mor eharm than good?

[23:30:35 26/06/2016] * Telos goes and sits in a corner.

[23:30:45 26/06/2016] @ Maria : Because you don't want to throw out all your dirty laundry for everyone to see.

[23:31:10 26/06/2016] @ Maria : And I'm sure Philemon wants to keep personal matters out of view. And if you disagree with that, talk with her.

[23:31:19 26/06/2016] Gabe : .

[23:31:22 26/06/2016] @ Maria : I'm only doing what she expects me to do.

[23:31:49 26/06/2016] Gabe : fucking hell man..this has nothing to do with the not in the business of site bashing

[23:31:57 26/06/2016] @ Maria : I'm aware.

[23:32:25 26/06/2016] @ Maria : But the point is, I'm sure Philemon just doesn't want your personal life mixing in with the site. Do you get what I mean?

[23:32:40 26/06/2016] @ Jerry : Honesl

[23:32:41 26/06/2016] @ Maria : And there's nothing much I can do about it.

[23:32:44 26/06/2016] * Shiina sighs.

[23:32:52 26/06/2016] Gabe : new arcana has its flaws..thats it.. gran did some shit that i feel was a bit over it.. and .. ..i dont even remember that wankers name to even comment on him...its iver..thats my new arcana drama in a nutshell

[23:33:40 26/06/2016] Shiina : I'm out for now. See you guys later.

[23:33:43 26/06/2016] @ Maria : It does have flaws. But I doubt any of us have any grudge against you. I don't.

[23:33:53 26/06/2016] Gabe : personal life will ALWAYS MIX WITH THE SITE. level with me godai..erry too.. some shit happens in rl..does that AFFECT how u rp..respond to in general ? U might not even respond at all depending

[23:34:31 26/06/2016] Telos : .

[23:34:51 26/06/2016] @ Maria : In that way, sure. I can understand. If you need to take time off, then that's understandable. But throwing everything about yourself for everyone to see? It's just not how the site works, Gabe. It just isn't.

[23:35:03 26/06/2016] Gabe : it does... and u have a problem with it.. look godai..jerry... i like u not gonaa sit on skype and tell u how muuch shit is sucking for me right now.. u dont get paid for that...beinfg staff isnt a real job u get paid for... ur my friends

[23:35:11 26/06/2016] Gabe : so why the fuck would u wanna go through that

[23:35:20 26/06/2016] Gabe : so taking that in consideration

[23:35:26 26/06/2016] Gabe : i made a vent thread

[23:35:29 26/06/2016] Gabe : is that wrong?

[23:35:49 26/06/2016] @ Maria : I will if I have to because I'm your friend and it's my job. And I don't think having the vent thread is wrong, personally. But Phile would likely disagree.

[23:36:13 26/06/2016] Gabe : .

[23:36:18 26/06/2016] @ Maria : *is completely wrong

[23:36:24 26/06/2016] Gabe : then wait till phil disagree

[23:36:30 26/06/2016] Gabe : give it a fucking chance man

[23:36:42 26/06/2016] @ Jerry : Gabe, if you need to vent, talk to someone you trust about it. Things like this isn't meant for public eyes. If you really need to vent, me, Godai, Paige and Gran are all EXCELLENT people to turn to (Especially Paige). We're here to support our fellow friends. But you don't have to bare it all to the public. This isn't Tumblr (Thank god)

[23:37:16 26/06/2016] @ Maria : Gabe, just PM Philemon about it first. And if you're that worried about it being deleted, I have it archived.

[23:37:17 26/06/2016] Gabe : thats how life works.. there is no secret room where shit is play tested in record time.. it happens through failure... if it fails..trash it..if it doesnt and lowers in chat drama

[23:37:18 26/06/2016] Gabe : keep it

[23:38:04 26/06/2016] @ Jerry : There's a difference between Good Drama, and Bad Drama

[23:38:12 26/06/2016] @ Maria : Just ask Philemon if that's fine, that's all I ask, Gabe.

[23:38:36 26/06/2016] @ Maria : If she says yes, then I'll be the first to give you back the post.

[23:38:52 26/06/2016] @ Jerry : Aye


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